♫ HI–Hachi (Japanese): Eight; -ONIC–short for sonic: relating to or using sound waves.

♫ HIONIC; eight people, eight voices. Say HI! to our uniqueness!

♫ First Single: We Can Do It

♫ Release Date (Music Video): 2014.12.15

teaser hq copy

The compulsory school project me and my group has been working on since five months ago! We’re currently in the making of the music video and so far it has been quite a challenge. But we can do it! 😉 and had a lot of fun too.. The photo up there is from our photo shoot today and let me tell you, EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.LOOKS.AWESOME and I can’t wait to share all of them ^_^



Another Year

Glad that WordPress has a mobile app hehe. School has started-technically; I’m a part of the Student Orientation committee. So I think while the speaker are giving presentations to the newcomers that I’m seriously bored of (lol), I want to update my blog.

About school holiday, since it’s short, I haven’t done much. I only got to finish the novel project for school, procrastinate, go on a super short trip, and make some stuffs, thankfully.


GALAXY 2014. The most hipster name for a student orientation ever.

One of the stuffs I made is this travelling notebook, which I turn into an agenda and a place to stash my stickers and post-it. I add a feather clay charm I made too for a bit of personalization~ I hope I can be a little organized for this new term. Maybe I’ll make a detailed post about that later.


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