Mountains Bow Down

It’s March already! Whoa time flew SO fast it’s scary. Approximately 40 days to my National Exam and I actually feel ready.. until this week when my school hold a Try Out together with a famous tutoring course (“bimbingan belajar”). The questions are NOTHING like what I’ve studied in classes or from the holy ‘Detik-Detik Ujian Nasional’. I spent one hour just to do 5 questions. I don’t know what score I will get hahaha. I hope the real National Exam will not be that hard….

Now the thing is that three out of six teachers of the compulsory subjects are basically jealous of each other; saying that me and my classmates only care for a certain subject, because after classes are over we “only ask one teacher over and over”. This drives me really mad.. Because we ARE prioritizing every subject! I always do exercises and making summaries and stuff when I get home. Everyone do so. And another teacher never really gives us exercises to do, so what should we ask???!? Oh God, in the midst of a freaking hectic National Exam preparations, this is so unimportant.

Oh well.

So anyways, as usual, I get more creative when I’m not supposed to make/create something. I mean, this month is crucial… But this morning I kinda decided to do illustrations of 30 Days of Verses this March. Not sure if I can keep it up, but let’s see.

In the first day of March, I illustrated a verse from Psalm. I experimented some new techniques here, and I quite liked it 😀

psalm 7326 final rs

(feel free to download and print this and stick this to everywhere as long as you’re not selling it)

Happy Sunday!