Happy Christmas!

So sorry for the lack of updates even when I’m already on my break :/ Guess what, my teachers decided to give us THREE exercises of 40 questions each plus a summary to do at home. Wonderful. Reminds me of how hectic my last semester next year will be.

But well, Christmas. That time of the year… again! Whoa, we’re almost at the end of 2014! Crazy.

As usual, nothing really fancy… Went to the Church at Christmas Eve because me and my family are volunteering for a charity event at 25. The Mass was awesome; one of the best choirs I’ve ever listened to. Which reminds me that one of my goals for 2015 is to let God use me and my talent to be a blessing to everyone else. I still can’t figure out what I want to do..

Oh, I also got Pentatonix‘s That’s Christmas To Me album as a Christmas gift and IT’S A PURE EARGASM OMG OMG I’ve been replaying it non-stop today hahaha. How could their voices be real?!?!? Especially the bass; you can freaking feel it. Seriously; if you haven’t known about them please check them out ASAP.

Here’s an illustration to celebrate today :3 ah, long time no draw.

xmas14 blog

Merry Christmas everyone!



Minzy in Blue



Had the urge to draw her right after she posted her outfit for her flight to Shanghai. I love the details of the dress!

(and look, my hand is getting better ^-^)

minzy ootd


I have a lot of pending drawings too; been sketching a lot but never got time to color and finalize it :”) School IS hectic.

Badass Luna

Everything Luna is wonderful. This time is Luna of f(x). She rocks the blue hair in Red Light comeback sO MUCH.

Started practicing again after days of whining “mom i can’t draw”. Like seriously, I have issues with body proportion and point of views.

Oh well.


Off to Pulau Pramuka tomorrow. Sweet!

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