More flowers

Painted more charms yesterday


This is fun.
(Because that’s the only drawing I really really can do)

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Harry Potter!

To admit, I’ve never read the book because I was too small back then.. (and it’s costly anyways). But I instantly fell in love when I first saw The Chamber of Secrets in a tv channel. Which happened probably when I was 9 or 10. Then I spend the rest of my years later buying the CDs and reading Harry Potter Wikia rather than borrowing the actual book (until now :p)

My favorite character is, of course, Hermione Granger. At some point in my early teenager days she motivated me to study hard and be the best student hahaha.

But Luna Lovegood is my spirit animal.

How can you not love Luna Lovegood?!? The first time she appeared in Order of The Phoenix movie, she stole my heart. She’s one-of-a-kind. She’s weird; a really really good weird. She’s imaginative too, and care about people/creatures that everybody forgets. Like that time she’s feeding the Thestrals? Yep.

Most of all, I envy her for still being herself when her classmates don’t want to be her friend, call her Loony, hide her items, play pranks on her. She never planned a revenge or curse them. She still smiles and thinks positive thoughts. She’s like the perfect example of a Bible’s saying: forgive those who hurt you.

Even Rowling said it herself that she adores Luna for not giving a damn about what people thought about her.

I wish I can be like her.

As a tribute, I made this necklace yesterday.


It’s a shrink plastic version of Spectrespecs. Not really vivid because I don’t have permanent markers, so I use colored pencils.

Luna and her dad published magazines named the Quibbler. That thing there is given as a bonus in one of the issues. According to Luna, Spectrespecs can see/detect Wrackspurts; something that will make your head goes fuzzy.

(Look at how imaginative it sounds)

Phew, a quite long talk here. I’m finally on holiday again; Idul Fitri holiday to be exact. Yay!

(But still: holiday homeworks got in my way)

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