Some cutting

Phew finally got time to update again. And of course, if I update this blog that means I’ve made something :3


Not much, I just made this papercut of Soekarno in celebration of Indonesia’s Independence Day this year. Papercut is fun, but it can be frustrating if you are not careful.. I made a slight mistake in this one!

Nevertheless, Dirgahayu Indonesia!


I discovered this awesome collage artist named Ika Vantiani some months ago because I won a competition and she provided some of the prizes. And I’m really glad she did! Her works look simple but still vibrant with her signature waterdrop collage.

One of the prize she included is some her artworks printed into greeting cards. I kept thinking that it’s too precious to be just a card. And today I finally discovered what I should do to it: turn it into a notebook!

I just piled several pieces of paper and then bind it with simple stitch. Thread some beads to spice it up, then I’m done!

I get giddy everytime I make something hehe. It keeps me alive from all the burdening school tasks. Oh well, you gonna graduate soon, Sherlyn!

See ya later.

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This tag-making is quite addictive…. I used paper doilies this time!


Some days ago an owner of an online store contacted me that she’s interested in purchasing these handmade tags. I hope the deal will be made soon :3 I have to earn my own money asap for uni life soon hahaha school isn’t cheap man.

Maybe you’re interested too? I’m available in almost every social media, reach me there!

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