{Dreamy Series} State of Mind

Quite a fuzzy thought I have.

Bear with it, self. Time ticks.


Never thought watercolor pencils can be this fun.

Catch ya’ later.

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{Dreamy Series} Sea Dreaming

My ‘Explore’ feed on my Instagram has been showing photos of illustrations of moon, the milky way, constellations, galaxies, and northern lights. It was really soothing to see. And well, I was quite inspired.


But instead, I illustrated… some sort of ocean. Well, whatever how you interpret it. It’s an ocean to me.

Whoop I miss a lone beach.

This one is pretty challenging to make, but it’s totally fun. You may expect me posting something like this in the future :3

I’m going to call it {Dreamy Series} !

I’ve been complaining to my mom about how I can’t draw–as in, drawing a proper human, animals, and objects; like my lil sissy–but she only keeps telling me that chances are I’m more to abstract style. Maybe she’s right.

Good night! Sleep tight.

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