More flowers

Painted more charms yesterday


This is fun.
(Because that’s the only drawing I really really can do)

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Flower blues.

I love making clay charms. I’ve made probably dozens of flat shapes. But the plain off-white dough can intimidate me sometimes. And sadly, I’m not good at drawing, so I just left all of them plain.

But today I feel blue, and I love flowers. So I unconsciously grab one teardrop-shaped charm, give a layer of white acrylic, then brush some watercolor flowers with no drawing technique at all. Like seriously I just dab the colors.


The blue are actually quite dark, I don’t know why it turns out really light here.


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Another Year

Glad that WordPress has a mobile app hehe. School has started-technically; I’m a part of the Student Orientation committee. So I think while the speaker are giving presentations to the newcomers that I’m seriously bored of (lol), I want to update my blog.

About school holiday, since it’s short, I haven’t done much. I only got to finish the novel project for school, procrastinate, go on a super short trip, and make some stuffs, thankfully.


GALAXY 2014. The most hipster name for a student orientation ever.

One of the stuffs I made is this travelling notebook, which I turn into an agenda and a place to stash my stickers and post-it. I add a feather clay charm I made too for a bit of personalization~ I hope I can be a little organized for this new term. Maybe I’ll make a detailed post about that later.


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