Mountains Bow Down

It’s March already! Whoa time flew SO fast it’s scary. Approximately 40 days to my National Exam and I actually feel ready.. until this week when my school hold a Try Out together with a famous tutoring course (“bimbingan belajar”). The questions are NOTHING like what I’ve studied in classes or from the holy ‘Detik-Detik Ujian Nasional’. I spent one hour just to do 5 questions. I don’t know what score I will get hahaha. I hope the real National Exam will not be that hard….

Now the thing is that three out of six teachers of the compulsory subjects are basically jealous of each other; saying that me and my classmates only care for a certain subject, because after classes are over we “only ask one teacher over and over”. This drives me really mad.. Because we ARE prioritizing every subject! I always do exercises and making summaries and stuff when I get home. Everyone do so. And another teacher never really gives us exercises to do, so what should we ask???!? Oh God, in the midst of a freaking hectic National Exam preparations, this is so unimportant.

Oh well.

So anyways, as usual, I get more creative when I’m not supposed to make/create something. I mean, this month is crucial… But this morning I kinda decided to do illustrations of 30 Days of Verses this March. Not sure if I can keep it up, but let’s see.

In the first day of March, I illustrated a verse from Psalm. I experimented some new techniques here, and I quite liked it 😀

psalm 7326 final rs

(feel free to download and print this and stick this to everywhere as long as you’re not selling it)

Happy Sunday!



HELLLOO everyone. I survived my first week of hectic National Exam preparation *cries*

It’s only the first week but I felt like I’ve been pushing myself so hard. I didn’t take extra courses this time (unlike my Elementary or Junior High exams), so every day after classes are over I redo the exercises and ask my teachers. Then after I get home and cleaned myself, I do the exercise more again. Probably my most productive era ever XD. Except today ahahah I NEED a break so I created an illustration (that I’m about to reveal after this) and went out to eat Taiwanese ice dessert AT A COLD AFTER RAIN OF 10 P.M AHAHAHAHAHHA.

Kinda hard to juggle everything; Biology, Math, Physics, Chemistry (well, Biology isn’t really a huge problem compared to the latter to be honest). But I wasn’t the only one struggling. I notice how exhausted almost all of my classmates (yes; almost. because some people looked so careless ;-;). My class councilor told us that it is a hectic semester and we need to stop grumbling so we can achieve our graduation with the best scores.

Which inspired me to create this:filipi wp

(save HQ version, print it, make it a desktop wallpaper, whatever. as long as you don’t sell them lol)

Yeah it’s in Indonesian… because I’ll put the original up in my classroom ^_^ It’s a Bible Verse.

Philippians 2:14

— Do all things without complaining and disputing,

I hope everyone (my classmates or whoever reading this) would be motivated and so we can all graduate together! Fighting!


Rejoice, Patience, Continue.


I’m currently on my Finals week but as usual, my creativity level is very high when it’s not an appropriate time to make something lol.

A bit talking; I finally got the results of my Psychology test to determine what major should I take… and the result is very, VERY surprising. I did get Visual Communication Design as the first choice, but the other two are… International Relations and Sociology. These are really surprising, considering that I’m currently a Science student instead of Social. To be honest, my result for the Science/Social class 3 years ago was inconclusive too they call it Divergent. My ability in both logical and analyzing is very equal. One of the thing I like to do is observing people, analyzing what’s happening on the current society, the background, and what are the effects. Being a Go-Green Ambassador was one of my childhood goal too hahaha.

I’m not sure if this is an advantage or not. I still don’t get it until now and I swear I laughed too hard when the psychologist showed me the result lol.

Moving on. Here’s another lettering I’ve made today. I don’t remember if I’ve told you guys, but since last month I ‘gave up’ and finally listened to my class councilor’s suggestion to read Bible daily. Well, It does wonderful things.Romans 12:12 is currently my strength because it sound very beautiful and promising.

If you couldn’t notice it, this isn’t really my style… The flowers and all the colors were inspired by the bright and full-of-gradation illustration style of @jesiiii on Instagram.

(and I think I don’t want to do this style again bahahah let’s stick to the simple watercolor a la Sherlyn.)

romans 1212right click to save HQ version, and feel free to print it for yourself!

Have a nice day! Don’t forget to study!