Sherlyn Lavenia

Student | Photographer | Crafter | Illustrator

Hi there!

My name is Sherlyn Lavenia. People told me I have a beautiful name hehe. I was born on October 9 in late 90s and I’ve been living in Indonesia since then.

I’m currently on my Senior Year in High School, hopefully graduating in 2015 (amen to that!)

I am a visualist.

I have a lot of interests, let me tell you. Although the number one is photography. But I’ve been wanting to involve myself in handmade crafts. I spend my free time making something. Right now I’m playing around with clay, bookmaking, paper goods, crocheting doilies, calligraphy, sewing, and so on. I never stop learning! I love illustrations and watercolor too.

Other than that you could find me googling my ass off about languages and etymology. Or paying a LOT of attention to Biology classes. Sometimes I write and daydream. I love learning cultures and it’s my dream to travel the world. I listen to different kinds of music; from electropop, folk, acoustic, dubstep, indie, to K-Pop.

I am proud to say that I’m a freelance photographer, because it keeps me and my creativity alive. You can check out my portfolio here.

I currently sell my craft works on carousell.co/bysherlyn

This blog is where I share everything I make or do — by sherlyn.

More of me to come!




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