DIY LSP Earphone Winder



LSP! Lumpy Space Princess, the sassy lady~

It was a broad daylight after I was done with my Chemistry task when I suddenly want to make an earphone winder. At first I want to make BMO/Beemo (my favorite character because it’s so CUTE!!!) but I don’t have the felt fabric of its colors, so then I change to LSP. Adventure Time is one of my favorite cartoon shows because of the simple but cute illustration, weird characters, adventurous (duh), and deep messages. 

Let’s get started!

IMG_8605What you need: cereal box, felt fabric in the colors of LSP (or your chosen character)–I use purple, yellow, and black, scissors, craft glue (UHU All Purpose is like the best glue ever)

IMG_8607Step 1: Draw/trace the outline body of LSP. Mine is 9 cm tall and 6-7 cm wide. Use a reference from Google!

IMG_8608Step 2: Cut it out. If your carton isn’t thick you can cut another one. I ended up cut another one to make it sturdier.

IMG_8609 IMG_8610Step 3: Spread the glue on one side of the carton and paste it to the purple felt fabric. This is going to be one side of the body. Do the same to the other carton.

IMG_8612NOTE: Pay attention where you put the glue! I made a mistake in this one haha. Since we’re going to glue both cartons sandwich style later, you should make the sides parallel to each other. So the exact same curves are facing each other. I put the glue on the side that I’m pointing at (I’m lacking vocabulary here haha I hope you get it)

IMG_8613Step 4: Cut it out, but give a little space for gluing allowance (is there such a term?)

IMG_8614Step 5: Spread the glue to ALL of the carton surface, including the gluing allowance. Sandwich them together.

IMG_8615Like so. I know it’s still messy. The gluing allowance space isn’t in the same shape. So….

IMG_8616Step 6: Trim the edges. Now it looks tidier!

IMG_8618Step 7: Cut out the face features. For LSP, I cut a star on yellow felt fabric, punch two holes for the eyes and cut the eyebrows on black felt fabric. Don’t forget the eyebrows.

IMG_8620Step 8: Assemble, then glue them to the body. And voila!

dOh my glob, you just created yourself an LSP earphone winder!

Start wrapping your cable around her body. The curves are really helpful to stuck the cable.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful. I wanna make other characters if I have time, and I’ll certainly post it here.

Have a nice day!


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