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Tried new type of binding stitch, with the loveliest kraft paper as the cover!


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Minzy in Blue



Had the urge to draw her right after she posted her outfit for her flight to Shanghai. I love the details of the dress!

(and look, my hand is getting better ^-^)

minzy ootd


I have a lot of pending drawings too; been sketching a lot but never got time to color and finalize it :”) School IS hectic.

Some cutting

Phew finally got time to update again. And of course, if I update this blog that means I’ve made something :3


Not much, I just made this papercut of Soekarno in celebration of Indonesia’s Independence Day this year. Papercut is fun, but it can be frustrating if you are not careful.. I made a slight mistake in this one!

Nevertheless, Dirgahayu Indonesia!


I discovered this awesome collage artist named Ika Vantiani some months ago because I won a competition and she provided some of the prizes. And I’m really glad she did! Her works look simple but still vibrant with her signature waterdrop collage.

One of the prize she included is some her artworks printed into greeting cards. I kept thinking that it’s too precious to be just a card. And today I finally discovered what I should do to it: turn it into a notebook!

I just piled several pieces of paper and then bind it with simple stitch. Thread some beads to spice it up, then I’m done!

I get giddy everytime I make something hehe. It keeps me alive from all the burdening school tasks. Oh well, you gonna graduate soon, Sherlyn!

See ya later.

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Some Illustrations

School has officially started (as in: school is actually going on with no more holidays coming up) and boy, it’s getting more hectic day by day. Oh, the story of any twelve graders. I wake up every day telling myself to be excited for school because I’m going to G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.D soon!

I have the chance now to sit in front of the computer because I somehow managed to finish my home works earlier, yay! But I didn’t want to spend it for editing photos of my trip to Pulau Pramuka because it could take more time :’

Made several stuffs some days ago which I’ve posted on my Instagram. Check it out.

Apparently SM Entertainment is debuting a new girl group named “Red Velvet” (which is one of the lamest names I’ve ever heard) with “Happiness” as the title track. I have a love/hate feeling for them because SME is basically neglecting my forever favorite group, f(x), to debut them. But god, the song is addicting enough to make me check out their stage performance, added with a summery and fun-looking music video. So, yeah, ugh.

Made a simple typography too. Gladers! A term for people who love The Maze Runner series–if it’s not obvious yet.

Still TMR related; look at how cool the fanart above is. Thomas and Teresa is so frigging cute. Drawn by my shuckiest friend, Ela. I technically have influenced her to read and get obsessed on the series MUAHAHAHAHA. You might wanna check out her Instagram (@angela_gea) because she likes to draw animes and fanarts and stuffs.

Currently I’m so happy because I finally understand how my scanner works X)

I drew Michelle Hendra of miss chelle., one of Indonesian fashion bloggers (who’s extremely pretty and humble), yesterday right after I saw her Instagram update. But I just got to finalize the illustration today. Not quite good, but I’m getting there soon.

And so.. I can upload the scanned version! whoop!

sher001I seriously love how watercolor looks like when it’s scanned. So pretty.



I sketched a random typography in a Physics class because I was really bored… I don’t even know why I choose those words. Maybe because I’m helplessly romantic like that. Ew.


What a bulky update! XD I have to go to sleep now. Adios.

DIY LSP Earphone Winder



LSP! Lumpy Space Princess, the sassy lady~

It was a broad daylight after I was done with my Chemistry task when I suddenly want to make an earphone winder. At first I want to make BMO/Beemo (my favorite character because it’s so CUTE!!!) but I don’t have the felt fabric of its colors, so then I change to LSP. Adventure Time is one of my favorite cartoon shows because of the simple but cute illustration, weird characters, adventurous (duh), and deep messages. 

Let’s get started!

IMG_8605What you need: cereal box, felt fabric in the colors of LSP (or your chosen character)–I use purple, yellow, and black, scissors, craft glue (UHU All Purpose is like the best glue ever)

IMG_8607Step 1: Draw/trace the outline body of LSP. Mine is 9 cm tall and 6-7 cm wide. Use a reference from Google!

IMG_8608Step 2: Cut it out. If your carton isn’t thick you can cut another one. I ended up cut another one to make it sturdier.

IMG_8609 IMG_8610Step 3: Spread the glue on one side of the carton and paste it to the purple felt fabric. This is going to be one side of the body. Do the same to the other carton.

IMG_8612NOTE: Pay attention where you put the glue! I made a mistake in this one haha. Since we’re going to glue both cartons sandwich style later, you should make the sides parallel to each other. So the exact same curves are facing each other. I put the glue on the side that I’m pointing at (I’m lacking vocabulary here haha I hope you get it)

IMG_8613Step 4: Cut it out, but give a little space for gluing allowance (is there such a term?)

IMG_8614Step 5: Spread the glue to ALL of the carton surface, including the gluing allowance. Sandwich them together.

IMG_8615Like so. I know it’s still messy. The gluing allowance space isn’t in the same shape. So….

IMG_8616Step 6: Trim the edges. Now it looks tidier!

IMG_8618Step 7: Cut out the face features. For LSP, I cut a star on yellow felt fabric, punch two holes for the eyes and cut the eyebrows on black felt fabric. Don’t forget the eyebrows.

IMG_8620Step 8: Assemble, then glue them to the body. And voila!

dOh my glob, you just created yourself an LSP earphone winder!

Start wrapping your cable around her body. The curves are really helpful to stuck the cable.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful. I wanna make other characters if I have time, and I’ll certainly post it here.

Have a nice day!