Whoa! This year is one of many crazy and hectic years of Indonesia. It’s because we’re going to have an election for Indonesia’s seventh president. And the process are quite… something. Choosing the candidates and partners, the debates, the campaign.. It was something between irritating, annoying, but extremely interesting.

I was never fond of politics and stuffs like that, especially in Indonesia, because let’s admit it, everything sounds the same on every election in the past. The same fake promises, black campaigns, bullshits, slight racism, etc that most of the time people choose to be golput.

But this year is different. And I’m not the only one who felt this. The enthusiasm rockets to a whole new level.


Made a typography some days ago, just got time to finish it. I update stuffs more at my Instagram! (@sherlen)

Mr. Joko Widodo or commonly called as Jokowi has been the talk since he first became the governor of Jakarta. And that talk was about good things; how he could manage some of Jakarta’s infinite problems like the flood, how he’s willing to visit each small villages (blusukan) who are usually neglected, and his care towards small business.

I was hopeless actually when I realized that it’s almost time to choose a new president because I thought who do we get here? I’m tired of the same bullshits and well, so far as I’ve lived, nothing has changed. So when they make Jokowi a candidate I was excited. Maybe Indonesia can change, I thought. But not everyone is happy with this; it looks like he left Jakarta unfinished. But you know, if you think about it, he will make all cities and provinces in Indonesia better by that, not just Jakarta.

Some people accepted that, and they turned to be his supporters. And I was SERIOUSLY AMAZED by the amount of creativity they got. The campaigns are clever, catchy and have awesome designs. And convincing enough.

Why I (desperately) want him to win? Because he has been talking about the creative industries in Indonesia, which is something that I NEVER heard from anyone in the politic world. I’ve had enough of plagiarism and illustrations being thought as just a hobby not a job. Jokowi seems to really support the creative industry, aside from small business. Those big people from politic world always talk about the economy and foreign companies and those bla bla bla big businesses, but they never brought up creative industries and small businesses as source of the country’s income.

I think Indonesia has a lot of potential in the creative industry since a long time ago, but the government never really… you know, supports them.

It’s time, man.

I’m sad that I still can’t vote tomorrow. If you already have the privelege: VOTE. Every vote counts. It could actually help your chosen candidate to win.

I respect whoever your choice is, and this is purely my own opinion.

Cheers for a better Indonesia!

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