Photo Diary: For The First Time




Photos from a short trip to Bandung with my buddies. It was my first trip away from parents (well, we still need Van’s parents ahaha). But it was great. Stayed in a really nice villa, went to street markets, did some university visits. Eat from street foods to the cheapest suki resto in Paris Van Java mall. Not to forget, the typical strawberry-picking. The rest of our days are spent with goofing around.


Photo Diary: In Their Shoes

Desa Canan, Klaten

May 30 – June 6


So yeah, this is my first photo diary from the old blog.

Went to Desa Canan, Klaten for a Live In from my school. Not sure how should I translate it in actual English, but it’s basically where you live somewhere not as modern as your home here.

Desa Canan was wonderful. It’s really chilly, natural, and full of greens and friendliness.

It was a really great experience, although I was having a bit hard time to adapt hahaha.

We went to a lot of other places too. Alun-Alun Klaten, Batik workshop, a sugar factory/museum (it was the shooting location for Habibie & Ainun and Soegija! can’t believe my eyes. Sad that my camera was broken when I went there :(), a beach in Gunung Kidul beaches site, and the famous Jl. Malioboro.

I’d love to go back!


Coming out from the deep

Yo-ho! Sherlyn’s here. This is like the 12645298745th blog I’ve created. And I’m moving platform too! I’ve been using Blogger since forever and something’s off about it, so I want to try some new stuffs.

This time, I want to start gathering and focusing stuffs. I’ve been into a lot of interests lately and it’s bugging me sometimes. I want to focus more on photography, typography, crafts, and other visual inspirations.

like seriously, I need to stop blogging about my rage and emotions and stuff.

let’s be happy 😀

maybe i’ll start importing my photo diaries from my old blog to here. maybe. soon.

besides, i’m on holiday now!