Long day.

Wow, haven’t updated this blog for a while, huh?

I thought after I’ve finished with National Exam I will be able to blog regularly. Turns out I didn’t hahaha. I was occupied with yearbook, prom preparations, and my Science class farewell party; as well as preparing a lot of stuffs for university enrollment and daily Chinese class. I can say that almost all of my after-exam plans are messed lol.

I planned that after exam is done, I will make more stuffs and start my shop as soon as possible (because university ain’t cheap yo). I also want to save money more and blog more. But aside from those preparations, I got the biggest creative block ever for like, a week or so. I spent my time with Pinteresting and obsessing over Lize Meddings. And I’ve spent so much to pay yearbook and farewell party fees, and some food night outs with my friends…

After the block is over, I started some experiments again. But they kinda frustrate me because they don’t look like what I’ve imagined. My obsession towards perfection is kinda unhealthy, heh. I’ve made and painted some clay pins and notebooks, but they just.. don’t meet my satisfaction. I always feel there’s something wrong. I think I have a problem.

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These days, I always feel anxious. I’m scared I’ve made a wrong decision to take Art as a major. I keep feeling there’s nothing good in the things I’ve made. I feel like a loser. I still can’t find which style of art that I enjoy the most. Is that a sign that I should not take Art? Or I should just not give up yet?

Oh, I will study abroad too. I’m both excited and sad. I will leave my family, my friends, my habit, my favorite Indonesian food. A lot of things I’ve been used to for years. Well of course I’m excited because man, new place, new people, new atmosphere, new adventure. But it’s just.. I’m not ready to move on.

And you know what saddens me more? My friends who keep telling me “it’s hard at the beginning but believe me, some months later you will get used to it and you won’t even want to come back.”

It hit me. It hit me like a truck full of stones.

Because I never, ever want to forget. I really enjoy the past few months. Probably the best months I’ve ever had so far.

It makes me sad that we all have to move on.

What will happen?

I want to come home to you guys again.

Wow. Did you know; just one month without going to school and getting my daily supply of laughter has really influenced me. (Or maybe it’s my fault for listening to Coldplay non-stop as I crafted stuffs). These days I feel so gloomy and I become 80% more sensitive and melancholy. Days ago I had a meet-up with my best friend and I cried. A lot.

Sometimes I think this is so useless to write or tell so I tried to just shrug it off.. but sometimes it’s too overwhelming. I know I should be praying and leave everything to Him, but I just feel like this is more of my sensitive emotion. My mental state is still so easy to be influenced.

At the end of the day, no matter how many people I’ve vented out to, I only have my God and myself. I also need to have a bigger control to my emotional state of mind.

On a happier note, I’ve just graduated high school! Quite relieved because one ‘burden’ is gone. Thank God all of us pass. And guess who got the best score in Bahasa Indonesia and English?!


Phew enough gloominess in this post. Just gotta keep my head up high.

By the way, I was planning to move to Blogspot again bahahah. Let’s see what will happen.

Take care.


Mountains Bow Down

It’s March already! Whoa time flew SO fast it’s scary. Approximately 40 days to my National Exam and I actually feel ready.. until this week when my school hold a Try Out together with a famous tutoring course (“bimbingan belajar”). The questions are NOTHING like what I’ve studied in classes or from the holy ‘Detik-Detik Ujian Nasional’. I spent one hour just to do 5 questions. I don’t know what score I will get hahaha. I hope the real National Exam will not be that hard….

Now the thing is that three out of six teachers of the compulsory subjects are basically jealous of each other; saying that me and my classmates only care for a certain subject, because after classes are over we “only ask one teacher over and over”. This drives me really mad.. Because we ARE prioritizing every subject! I always do exercises and making summaries and stuff when I get home. Everyone do so. And another teacher never really gives us exercises to do, so what should we ask???!? Oh God, in the midst of a freaking hectic National Exam preparations, this is so unimportant.

Oh well.

So anyways, as usual, I get more creative when I’m not supposed to make/create something. I mean, this month is crucial… But this morning I kinda decided to do illustrations of 30 Days of Verses this March. Not sure if I can keep it up, but let’s see.

In the first day of March, I illustrated a verse from Psalm. I experimented some new techniques here, and I quite liked it 😀

psalm 7326 final rs

(feel free to download and print this and stick this to everywhere as long as you’re not selling it)

Happy Sunday!


HELLLOO everyone. I survived my first week of hectic National Exam preparation *cries*

It’s only the first week but I felt like I’ve been pushing myself so hard. I didn’t take extra courses this time (unlike my Elementary or Junior High exams), so every day after classes are over I redo the exercises and ask my teachers. Then after I get home and cleaned myself, I do the exercise more again. Probably my most productive era ever XD. Except today ahahah I NEED a break so I created an illustration (that I’m about to reveal after this) and went out to eat Taiwanese ice dessert AT A COLD AFTER RAIN OF 10 P.M AHAHAHAHAHHA.

Kinda hard to juggle everything; Biology, Math, Physics, Chemistry (well, Biology isn’t really a huge problem compared to the latter to be honest). But I wasn’t the only one struggling. I notice how exhausted almost all of my classmates (yes; almost. because some people looked so careless ;-;). My class councilor told us that it is a hectic semester and we need to stop grumbling so we can achieve our graduation with the best scores.

Which inspired me to create this:filipi wp

(save HQ version, print it, make it a desktop wallpaper, whatever. as long as you don’t sell them lol)

Yeah it’s in Indonesian… because I’ll put the original up in my classroom ^_^ It’s a Bible Verse.

Philippians 2:14

— Do all things without complaining and disputing,

I hope everyone (my classmates or whoever reading this) would be motivated and so we can all graduate together! Fighting!


New Year Rain.

Ah, happy new year, people! Neglected this blog (again) because I was having too much fun with my real life 😀

I celebrated my New Year’s Eve with my classmates, and it was awesome. We barbecued some fishes and sausages and lots of other food, turnt up the music, chit-chatted, took pictures, and at 12 AM we wrote our 2015 resolutions to keep and bad habits of 2014 to be burnt. Fun fun fun. I don’t know about them, but I certainly had a blast. I’ve never felt this happy, and I hope it will last as long as I live.

I’m really grateful because throughout 2014, I was given lots of ups and downs and experiences. God still gave me a chance to change myself. He hasn’t even given up on me, and I’m thankful for that. I’m recovering from my depression and anxiety. I’m starting to read Bible daily. I found people I could treasure. I learn to be more mature. I could finish some of the (although compulsory) biggest projects yet in my life; writing/editing an English novel as well as becoming a freaking MC for the launching event, becoming a costume designer for a theatre show, and directing a music video. I finally feel like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly 😀

2015 sure is going to be hectic. This is the year of my last semester in Senior High School, my National Exam, and…. possible university life. It’s like a major, huge step of my life. Who knows what could happen? Thinking about it sometimes scare me. But life goes on, and I will just do my best and let God do the rest 😀

Anyways, I’m currently missing somebody so bad and thanks to the heavy rain these past days I’m getting very sappy lol. One of my 2015 resolutions is to make and draw more.

So here goes my first illustration of 2015! (and I really could make myself a songwriter heh)

falling rain

(To download: right click at the image above, choose open link in new tab, then right click at the image, then save)

I got a new watercolor pad from Reeves, sized A5 and has this beautiful beige color. Though not really a fan of the rough texture because when I outline something with drawing pen then erase the pencil line, the paper almost got teared. Also, I tried a new style and more details. Can’t wait to experiment more!

How did you celebrate NYE? What are the things that you’re thankful for in 2014?

xoxo Sher

Happy Christmas!

So sorry for the lack of updates even when I’m already on my break :/ Guess what, my teachers decided to give us THREE exercises of 40 questions each plus a summary to do at home. Wonderful. Reminds me of how hectic my last semester next year will be.

But well, Christmas. That time of the year… again! Whoa, we’re almost at the end of 2014! Crazy.

As usual, nothing really fancy… Went to the Church at Christmas Eve because me and my family are volunteering for a charity event at 25. The Mass was awesome; one of the best choirs I’ve ever listened to. Which reminds me that one of my goals for 2015 is to let God use me and my talent to be a blessing to everyone else. I still can’t figure out what I want to do..

Oh, I also got Pentatonix‘s That’s Christmas To Me album as a Christmas gift and IT’S A PURE EARGASM OMG OMG I’ve been replaying it non-stop today hahaha. How could their voices be real?!?!? Especially the bass; you can freaking feel it. Seriously; if you haven’t known about them please check them out ASAP.

Here’s an illustration to celebrate today :3 ah, long time no draw.

xmas14 blog

Merry Christmas everyone!



♫ HI–Hachi (Japanese): Eight; -ONIC–short for sonic: relating to or using sound waves.

♫ HIONIC; eight people, eight voices. Say HI! to our uniqueness!

♫ First Single: We Can Do It

♫ Release Date (Music Video): 2014.12.15

teaser hq copy

The compulsory school project me and my group has been working on since five months ago! We’re currently in the making of the music video and so far it has been quite a challenge. But we can do it! 😉 and had a lot of fun too.. The photo up there is from our photo shoot today and let me tell you, EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.LOOKS.AWESOME and I can’t wait to share all of them ^_^


Rejoice, Patience, Continue.


I’m currently on my Finals week but as usual, my creativity level is very high when it’s not an appropriate time to make something lol.

A bit talking; I finally got the results of my Psychology test to determine what major should I take… and the result is very, VERY surprising. I did get Visual Communication Design as the first choice, but the other two are… International Relations and Sociology. These are really surprising, considering that I’m currently a Science student instead of Social. To be honest, my result for the Science/Social class 3 years ago was inconclusive too they call it Divergent. My ability in both logical and analyzing is very equal. One of the thing I like to do is observing people, analyzing what’s happening on the current society, the background, and what are the effects. Being a Go-Green Ambassador was one of my childhood goal too hahaha.

I’m not sure if this is an advantage or not. I still don’t get it until now and I swear I laughed too hard when the psychologist showed me the result lol.

Moving on. Here’s another lettering I’ve made today. I don’t remember if I’ve told you guys, but since last month I ‘gave up’ and finally listened to my class councilor’s suggestion to read Bible daily. Well, It does wonderful things.Romans 12:12 is currently my strength because it sound very beautiful and promising.

If you couldn’t notice it, this isn’t really my style… The flowers and all the colors were inspired by the bright and full-of-gradation illustration style of @jesiiii on Instagram.

(and I think I don’t want to do this style again bahahah let’s stick to the simple watercolor a la Sherlyn.)

romans 1212right click to save HQ version, and feel free to print it for yourself!

Have a nice day! Don’t forget to study!